Saturday, May 23, 2009

mutterings and tidbits

Tidbits: Took Ambien to the vet this morning and they took 350 mL's of fluid out of her abdomen. A surprisingly easy procedure. The vet let me go back with her and assist, which I think kept Ambien calm. They did a quick ultrasound on her abdomen and there is a large mass on her spleen that was not there a week ago. What ever has taken over her is growing fast.

She is still happy though and following me around the house. She wants to be cuddled now more than ever. She doesn't have the strength to jump up on the couch or bed herself anymore, but she will meow at me until I lift her up. Right now she is laying on the arm of the couch with her right front paw on my knee, and purring. I think she feels better without all that fluid in her abdomen. She's not eating at all anymore though, so I know we are just on a slow march to the end.

Thank you to everyone here and on Twitter for all the support and love you have given me and Ambien!


Muttering: I just put my hand in the couch and found a wad of bubble gum. Son readily confessed that it was his from last night and he was trying to hide it from Daddy. Am using all the patience I have to control myself. Not worth yelling about MNT, you yell enough as it is.


Tidbit: So I mentioned in an email to my ex boyfriend that I had a blog and I was up for a local award, and that I occasionally wrote about vibrators. He must have googled me and found my blog. Hi Fred! Guess if you didn't know I was a bit crazy before you do now!


Muttering: Why does Noah make a big mess and then assume I'm going to help him clean it up? How do I get him to understand if he throws a deck of cards all over the floor he's quite capable of picking them all up too? Six year olds can be such butt heads! But, truly six is so much better than four.


Muttering: The odor that comes from my son's butt is unbelievably obnoxious. Stop farting when you sit next to me! And this damn encopresis is going to be the end of me. If I have to clean poop out of his underwear any more, well, I'm really not sure what I'm going to do. I truly don't understand if he can control it or not. Which makes it hard to know whether or not to punish him.


Muttering: Does he ever stop talking? I swear I hear him talking in his sleep!

Reminder: It is not OK to use duct tape on your child.


Reminder: You can vote for me every day for Best Local Blog in Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks Awards! It would be nice to at least stay in third place. It would be even better if I could get more than 10% of the vote! I'm not to proud to beg! Please, Vote here!


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  1. Oh Babe, I feel for ya. Especially the 2nd to last muttering. Not that this will help you feel better but one of my dear children who shall remain nameless developed a habit in adolescence of using the hand towels to wipe and then tossing them in a closet. Even did this at friends' houses. Egad. Oh and WTF???
    Anyway, good news, he grew out of it. I think.