Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Annoyed by my drama yet?

I just received this email from my mother. No greeting, nothing in the subject line, just this. This is the first I have heard from my parents since we left at Christmas.

We are making a list of our house contents and who we want things to go to after we die. Grandma did this, and I think that we all appreciated knowing who she wanted to have her things. Is there anything in the house that you would like your name next to and that you would accept responsibility for the cost of shipping or moving to your home?

First, WTF?

And second, WTF?

And third, who else do I think would pay for it if they are dead??? I wouldn't expect them to pay for it if they were alive??

And fourth, WTF?

I feel like anything I respond with is going to be wrong.



  1. And yet your the one seeing the therapist Katt..... now thats WTF!

  2. I am seriously starting to think your parents have a major case of mutual depression going on here. Are they even old enough to start considering this issue? Seems to me that Grandma was in her 70's or 80's at least when she did that, am I wrong? Seems like their issues have nothing to do with you and more to do with their own internal struggles. Either that or your mom is just making up an excuse to have contact with you. Laura

  3. Errr, it is wrong and snarky to tell her that you'd like to have all her clothing, but you'll really have to take the time to come over and try everything on...then whatever doesn't fit you know you can just hand over to Goodwill. Oh, and her wedding ring. Hit her where it hurts.

    I'm sorry, i have the flu, I'm feeling mean. I know I'm not helping you.

    One last thing: tell her you want all the leftover toilet paper.

  4. I agree with Hopeful Mother.....WTF??

  5. So passive aggressive. I don't understand it but it definitely sounds toxic. DON'T APOLOGIZE. You have nothing to be sorry for. You are just a mom protecting your son. I'm sorry but your parents sound like narcissists. I'm with you on that.