Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trou dropping or ball dropping?

So, apparently there were some things we didn't prepare Noah for for kindergarten.

Number one being how to pee like a "big boy."

Up until now he's been dropping trou to his ankles and letting it fly. I guess having his bare ass hang out for all to see has gotten him teased. Of course it doesn't help that he refuses to close the bathroom door because he's still scared of toilets.

So, apparently someone showed him how to pee without taking down his tighty whities by slipping it out the leg hole. He showed Rich this weekend.

But what do we do when he's wearing boxer briefs? Poor kid, but I don't think he's long enough to slip it out that way.

I feel like we dropped the ball here.

I definitely don't remember reading this in the raising boys manual.

Advice anyone?

Update: No flaps in his briefs or boxers. What's up with that?



  1. That's what the flap in the boxers is for. NO worries he will figure it out!

  2. I am glad I read this so now I can add "peeing like a man" to the list of things we need to teach Brayden before he goes off to school! It's great to learn from other's mistakes :)

  3. Oh, I got nothing, i made my son sit down to pee forever! Saved a lot of time cleaning up the bathroom floors.

  4. my boys learned how to pee through the 'hole' from their dad. he'll get it - especially now that someone has shown him. the only thing to worry about now, is his peeing on his clothes - UGH!! I hated that.

  5. My son is in K also. He pulls down his pants and underwear just below his hips to go to the bathroom. He seems fairly neat with this drips.

  6. My 4 yo just started trying to pee through the hole and he does it with his boxer briefs, too. I didn't even know it was something you had to teach him yet he learned from watching his daddy. He has had a few accidents on his clothes but he loves saying he can pee like daddy now.... boys, what are we going to do with them.... love them wet floor and all :) !!

  7. I think our boys are going to sit (like anissa) too... wow, it scares me to think about teaching them this stuff some day...

  8. Oh goodness! Look at that, 4 boys later and I didn't even know it could be a problem. I am guessing he is sooo small, that his undies don't have flies. Cause Little Man's undies do have flies. I think my boys pulled down the waistband if I remember correctly.. and I am sure they would love knowing I just told someone that!

  9. awwww he will figure it out...I have no adive since mr gp potty trained and taught middle bean how to pee LOL but that was a cute post!

  10. I have no idea but that made me laugh!

    (ICLW visitor)