Sunday, September 21, 2008

Show and Tell - of the PSA variety

I'm a little pressed for time this weekend. We have friends coming over in less than two hours to watch the Eagles game with us and I'm trying to clean the house before they get here. Not so much for them but for the inter-agency meeting that I'm hosting here on Tuesday to try and get the insurance company to keep Noah's TSS. More on that in another post.

I should have taken a picture of the can of cocoa powder that Noah spilled all over the kitchen and on his school backpack (yeah, I don't know why it was in the middle of the kitchen floor either). But I was frustrated enough that all I was focused on was cleaning it up. Smelled good though.

So, in my cleaning frenzy I thought maybe for my show and tell this week I'd show my two new favorite cleaning tools. The Shark Steam Mop and the Scunci Steamer. I'm trying to go a bit greener in our house and this certainly helps, not having to use any cleaning solutions with them, just good ol' steam. Add in a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and your trusty vacuum and you're set. Except for the toilets. I still use toilet cleaner in them. If you have any green solutions for that let me know!

So, I've had the Scunci Steamer for a while, but wasn't using it. That was a mistake, because the last time I used it I used tap water, then it sat for a LONG time. Something froze in the steam release mechanism and despite my best efforts I couldn't fix it. So I bought a new one recently and I'm using distilled water in it. It's fun to use! But do be careful cause steam is hot! I duh! Just ask the burn mark on my stomach. Yeah, I'm not sure how either.

Now, we first saw the Shark Steam Mop on an infomercial on TV. Noah has been coveting it, along with the Pancake Puff Pan, for a while. So, one day in a moment of weakness I actually sat and watched the infomercial with him. And damn if I didn't start to covet it myself. And since I control the credit card, well I popped online and ordered it. And when it came there was much excitement in the House of Therapy as we tried it out.

And damn it all, it really works! It's easy to use, quick, no messing with buckets or cleaning solutions, light weight and blah blah blah. The only issue I have with it is that it is almost too light weight, it feels kind of flimsy. But, it works and that makes this Mommy happy.

So, a little PSA for y'all and a kinda lame show and tell for the week, which is really more of a tell since I can't be assed to take pictures and post them right now.

Oh yeah, I'm not getting any kind of kick back for reviewing these, just doing it out of the goodness of my anything that makes cleaning easier heart. But, if the Shark people would like to send me some more pads I'd be more than happy to accept!


  1. You're right, that shark really works. I had a good laugh about the pancake pan because my kids start yelling that we need that every time it's on.

  2. Try vinegar in your toilets. There's lots of internet info on using it.

  3. I'm just happy to hear you finally cleaned. The Dept of Health and Environmental Control was starting to ask questions. Uncomfortable questions (lol).

    Oh and by the way - GO COWBOYS!!!!

  4. Well, I have to say the Shark's description has some pretty powerful adjectives! Maybe I'll give it a shot if its all true!

  5. My son spilled cocoa powder everywhere awhile ago, it's amazing how quickly it coats every surface. Thank you for the green cleaning tips. I love my Bissell carpet cleaner since we adopted a puppy. I use Baking soda and a pumice stone toilet cleaner stick, works great. Also, use white vinegar with distilled water solution with dozen drops of lemon essential oil and good to go on countertops, microwave, and oven. Sorry for the long comment, Martha

  6. Those both sound like cool cleaning tools.

  7. Hmm, those sound interesting. I am going to google them, lol.

  8. I am so jealous! I want the shark but I am really cheap and haven't been able to convince myself I need it badly enough to front the dough. I use Clorox Green Works in the toilet and I like it. I am not sure if it is really green or if is just advertising.

    My daughter spilled baby powder everywhere once. I was so mad.

    And Deb...GO PACKERS! I know, they lost, but still, GO PACKERS!

  9. I want the shark too...but then I get a flat tire or i gotta pay $191.72 for cheer or someone needs new undies....when does it stop?

  10. My cousin taught me about the awesome cleaning power of peroxide. I don't know if it would fix your problem, bu it won't hurt it. I have seen it do amazing things.

  11. Cleaning is not my favorite task but I love reading others ideas on how to tackle various 'issues'.

    Here from ICLW!

  12. I LOVE cleaning tools that actually work and don't disappoint.

    Happy ICLW