Friday, August 01, 2008

Mother (why do I want to say f'ing?) update

So after several days of heavy drinking weighing the pros and cons of letting my parents read my blog I decided to let them.

I wrote a heart felt email to my mother and told her what this blog was for me, that it was the one place I could be myself. But that if they wanted to read it they could. With the understanding that if they didn't like what they saw here they needed to talk to me about it, not just be pissed off. I also told her I could tell if she had been to my blog so I would know what she had read. And then I gave them the link.

And I heard nothing from them for several days.

So I'm thinking, great, they read it and now they are pissed off.

Finally my mother calls me. And tells me it wasn't my blog she wanted to read, it was the articles that I am (may be) writing for another website (more on that if/when it comes to fruition). She was just confused by the terminology when she said my blog.

Ughhh...all that stress for nothing! And now that I know she doesn't want to read it, I want her to read it!

Seriously, what is wrong with me?

Just another reason I need therapy...



  1. I know the feeling. I was nervous at first about my mom reading my blog because I was real with my feelings. I was stressed and finally told her about it and nothing. She said she stopped by once and now nothing.... I am confused about my feelings because I am not sure what to think anymore.... Lost in San Diego!

  2. I havent/wont tell my mother about my blog.

  3. My mom is my number one fan (and winner of the Most Comments award on my site) and her encouragement makes it that much easier to write openly and honestly. I do, however, have mixed feelings about having my ex-husband read my blog...