Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sore tussie and other various rants

Right now Amazing Daddy is upstairs begging The Boy to let him clean his tussie. Poor baby must have pooped during the night and slept in it for hours before we got up this morning. Even though he knows he can call to us to go change him if he needs to. He's pooped three more times today and each one has been a helacious challenge to clean him up because it HURTS! I feel like the meanest mommy ever because I'm trying to clean shit off of him. Now AD gets to feel like the meanest daddy ever.

Poor kid, I know it really hurts, but how do you make him understand that it will just get worse if we don't clean it off? How do I convince him if he would just go in the potty it wouldn't hurt as much because he wouldn't be sitting in it in his diaper.

On a lighter note, this evening when AD got home we were upstairs folding laundry so he came and sat on the floor with us. He told TB he had a surprise for him and did the ol' pull my finger trick. TB thought it was just the funniest thing every!! Now he won't stop pulling our fingers.

It would not be a good evening to just stop by, unless you routinely carry a respirator with you.

Side note rant: I really, really, really hate the god damn fucking popup blocker on my computers. I can't seem to decrease the sensitivity. It blocks every fucking thing I click on!

second side not rant: Comcast changed their channel line up last week. I can't find anything! I hate change!


  1. Ugh on the poopy diapers. I unfortunately don't have any advice for you on that one... hang in there. I hope you and SH both have your own respirators!

    On the pop-up blocker, check to see if there's a control-key you can use when clicking a link that disables it... that might work.

    I hate when they change the channel lineup too...

  2. I came here via Dad Gone Mad and I have to say that I feel for you on the poopy diaper front. My 4 year old boy has encopresis and we are in the process of getting him over it. The fact that he screams in pain every time I have to wipe his little bum is *not* helping. :( Hope you have better luck soon!

  3. My 7yo son has the encopresis thing too, and used to refuse to even sit on the potty. Sometimes you just have be evil mommy and do what has to be done (and try not to let them see you cry). If his bum is very sore perhaps you can get the Dr. to prescribe a cream. I had to get something for my younger son once when he had severe diarrhea, but I can't remember what it was called. Good luck with PA