Thursday, August 10, 2006

Master of the one finger click

As of tonight I have totally mastered the ability to read all my blogs with one finger. No, not brail sillly!

With googlecom/reader, the space bar and the K or P key I can totally one finger navigate my way though all my favorite blogs Combine that with Amazing Daddy's "borrowed" laptop from work which I have totally taken posession of, my big comfy bed, and several pillows, and I am in nirvana

It's a real shame that the wireless speed basically sucks, the period key only works periodically (so is that, umm, ironic), and it's kind of hard to type while laying on my side.

But still I'm one happy camper

Oh yeah, except for the fuciking pop-up blocker which on this computer decides to only take effect when I'm on blogger

Did I mention it's not so easy to type laying on your side?

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