Saturday, April 06, 2013

A red marker, a white napkin, and a brown paper sack

Noah's class went on a field trip Friday. He has been excited about it for months!

On field trip days the kids take a packed lunch. Every other school day Noah buys his lunch.

Rich packs Noah's lunch, but I always slip in a note, usually written on a napkin or paper towel.

Have an awesome day. 
I love you! 

Red marker on a white napkin. Thirty seconds to write and slide in the brown paper sack between an apple and a bag of chips.


Noah jumped off the bus steps when he came home and ran into the house. Full of  stories about the day.
Nate threw up when he got off the bus this morning.
They only let us go through the tunnel once this time, but it was still cool.
We didn't get to go to the gift shop, but I bought a snack from the vending machine.
Oh, I didn't want to throw this away (pulling a white napkin with red writing on it out of his pocket), so I kept it in my pocket.
Do you like it when I put notes in your lunch?
Yes. Because I know you are thinking about me and want me to have an awesome day. But I already know you always love me.  

Maybe, just maybe, I'm doing something right after all.



  1. A good reminder for the mornings when I'm rushed just to get their lunches made. I think I'm done, then the inevitable, "$#@&, the napkins!" I grumble over it, but they do love them!

  2. That's awesome!! Absolutely you are doing something right. Hang in there, he feels your love!