Monday, December 05, 2011

Our elf Nelson

I'm sure most of you know about "Elf on the Shelf." We have had our elf Nelson for a couple years. Definitely before they hit Target. (I like to think we were ahead of the trend.) So Nelson, our elf, is really a lazy ass elf. He doesn't like to move every night much like me when I get my ass comfy on the couch the way he is supposed to.

And forget those fancy antics his brother and sister elves are up to.

At least until this year.

Nelson and I had a little chat the other night. I called him on his laziness. And boring habits. I mean really, just how many time can he sit on the book case?

Well, I guess Nelson took me seriously, because yesterday morning we found him sliding down the pole in Kiel's fire station.

The boys thought that was awesome!

Then this morning we woke up to this!

and this

I think Nelson has been sneaking onto my laptop and checking out Pinterest!



  1. Oooh I like it. I never heard of Elf on a shelf (we don't have Santa, so no elves either) but I like the idea of a little elf that makes little jokes and moves around the house. Maybe I can make my own when the kids are a bit older. A gnome would work just fine in Belgium (in our traditions, gnomes come in and do al your chores. Sadly, they don't seem to like our house... or cats...) How does it work, really? Velcro on the hands and feet? Magnets?

  2. Nelson looks more like a pole dancer to me.