Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well I started a post last night about my day, which varied between craptastic and semi-awesome. I started reading it over tonight to finish and publish it, but ho boy was it a snoozer! Like I was detailing my suit choice for the day down to the final shoe selection boring.

I'm pretty sure my intent was to share with you all that I woke up to Noah having a "poop emergency" in his pajamas. Yes, it was gross, and the only possible solution in my half awake state was to send him to the shower.

And then I got dressed (in a suit because I had to see a client) and found out my black pumps had been peed on (cat pee, not boy pee). My other cool black shoes all of a sudden feel about half a size to small. I ended up wearing my every day sandels and just hoped no one would look down at my feet. I have a date with Zappos at work sometime tomorrow.

The client meeting went fine, despite some directional failure getting there. It was nice to have some uninterrupted time to talk with my colleague about work and non-work stuff. The highlight of the conversation was when we were talking about clothes and how I envy her wardrobe. She always looks so well put together. I know she worries at times if she is dressing too young (which she doesn't) so I told her she is definitely a MILF. I think I made her day, especially after I told her what it meant.

Later in the evening when both Noah and Kiel were home they were just adorable together. Kiel wanted to play with these magnet toys that built things, and he wanted help. So I told him to ask Noah. Just listening to their conversations is adorable. "Chummie, help build please?" And Noah did and they were just adorable. Noah would ask him to do something and Kiel would say "okay Chummie."

Until Kiel started to get a little wound up and Noah wanted him to stop doing whatever it was. Kiel didn't stop, so I heard Noah say "Kiel, I command you to stop." Damn it if the little shit didn't stop.

I now know what my next comeback is going to be when Noah isn't listening.

They ended the night by hugging and Noah saying to Kiel "I love you." It just warmed my heart.

Then this morning Kiel was up so early and he was playing in our room. Noah woke up at 6:15 and came in and got Kiel and took him downstairs. I kind of knew it was happening, but was in that sleep stage that allows for denial. They did awesome though. Noah made Kiel chocolate milk and they watched TV together.

It was family visitation day at camp, so Rich went for the morning and he said Noah did great. Noah came home in a great mood and continued to be helpful and kind with Kiel.

And Kiel continued to charm me all day with his adorable "OK mommy" even when he didn't want to do something. Or singing his "clean up, clean up" song when he was cleaning up.

 And I'm just happy and content the last couple days, which feels good.

And you? Craptastic or fantastic day?



  1. I don't know why I ever thought MILF was an offensive term. I would die of delight to hear it now! Cat pee on the shoes is a craptastic start to the day.

  2. It's pretty fantastic over in my parts these days.... First, I got a blog makeover, you simply HAVE to check it out. Second, my endometriosis has flared up again (that bitch) BUT I've been doing yoga every night and holy shit, it's helping.

    I love when brothers are sweet on each other. There's been a lot of "Shut-Up" and "Get OUT" in my house lately. Life with a 15 and 11 year old. At least the baby keeps me smiling....

  3. Today - fantastic - I didnt' have to work.

    Yesterday...crapastic...7 days straight and I wasn't a very becoming (personality) transit operator. My warm "Good Morning/Afternoon...Have a Good Day" smiley self was more like "get the eff on this bus and sit down...if you don't have your pass ready then I'll drive right passed your sweaty azz..." Then I topped it off w/getting a complaint. A complaint from another transit operator. What was that complaint you ask? She pissed me off. She was the 'xtra 2 bus'. She was driving to slow, taking to much time loading and unloading passengers and she failed to tell the lovely passnegers that she was ONLY going to X - Point in the route. So when I passed her at that point she started blaring her effing horn for me to stop. And I then loaded 15 people who needed to be on MY bus becuase she was to stupid to tell them (and they are to stupid to read ...S__ avenue last stop) So...when she gave me a dirty look as she passed me I flipped her off. It was pure impulse and I couldn't help myself. I did it and almost used the same words to go w/that 1 finger salute. Instead, I sped down the street hoping to make it ontime (which I didn't) to the transfer center....yes crapastic it was..

  4. I am glad things went pretty well for you at the end of the day. Well, I kinda had your start. Pretty hectic, with a whiny child, and a broken printer, and lots of spilled ink. Ugh! I haven't found my happy end of the day yet. So crapstatic it is!

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  6. my day has been pretty good...every day i wake up and see my children i count my Blessings...