Friday, July 02, 2010

All about the magic, the amazing, and the powerful.

Say YEAH for a three-day weekend!

Rich and Noah went out to watch fireworks tonight. I'm pretty big on keeping Kiel's bedtime consistent since he isn't one of those kids that makes up for it by sleeping in the next morning, so we stayed home. And that means I have a couple of hours to myself. Yeah me!

So a few updates for y'all.

I've tried a couple times to sit down and write about our experience with Noah last week and everything I've written so far just isn't post-able. It's all too "gooey" if that makes sense. Too "magic" and "amazing" and "powerful." So I'll try again this weekend. But, without going into the details of what we did, I'll just say it was "magic" and "amazing" and "powerful." The Noah that came out of last week is the Noah that we have seen glimpses of over the last year or so, but never for more than a day or two. Oh hell, the parents that came out of last week made some big changes themselves.

So yes, I owe you all a long post about the attachment therapy we did. It was a long and emotional week. And it was work. Hard work at times. But OMG, the result was amazing.

So right now we are all doing great. Noah started summer camp this week and can't stop talking about how much fun he is having. As far as I know there hasn't been a single "incident." I'm not ready to ditch the TSS quite yet, because while his behavior has been excellent, he is still struggling with the social skills.

I don't think last week fixed everything. We have some serious work to keep doing, but I think we plowed through a major roadblock. 

I also think the latest medication change we made is finally doing some good!

The two together? Well, wow! So yes, magic, and amazing and powerful. This Noah we have spent the last week with is incredible!

I know we are riding a high on the Amazing Roller Coaster of Noah, but I'll take it. I'll try not to crash too hard when he takes another dip, which we all know will happen. Hopefully though it will only be a dip, and not a full on crash to the ground.

I have more hope than I've had in a long time though. I know I love him enough. I know there is an amazing Noah inside that we are finally pulling out of his mixed up brain. 


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  1. Just popped by to wish you & yours a wonderful weekend

  2. I'm thrilled to read about how well things are going with Noah!!!