Sunday, May 09, 2010

My boy Chummy

For a while Kiel has been saying "chummy" or "chumny" but we had no idea what it meant. At times it seemed more of an all purpose word.

Well for the last couple weeks Rich and I have been contemplating that he might be using it when he was referring to Noah. He has never said "Noah" although he mastered the word "NO" well over a year ago.

Earlier this week we clearly heard Kiel say "Chummy no, my toy" when Noah was trying to look at something Kiel was holding. Since then its been very clear that Chummy is what he calls Noah. And of course we think it is adorable, as does Noah.

I don't think any one of us would mind if this name sticks!

In other Kiel news it just fascinates me watching him play. He is so deliberate with what he is doing. He really plays and interacts with his toys. It is so different from when Noah played at this age, when all he did was throw and destroy.



  1. OMG that is THE cutest ever nickname. I love it! How awesome the karate pics below are too, congrats Noah!

  2. Chummy is an adorable nickname. My son is at the stage where he has a lot of words I can understand, but many more that I cannot. His fav answer to my questions is "Fy, Fy", which assume means he is fine and does not want what I am offering. The developing language skills are awesome and look forward to having an actual conversation with my son.