Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pee Happens

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We were in the car today discussing the new freedom we are trying out with Noah. We are leaving his bedroom door unlocked at night so he can get out if he has to use the bathroom, with the understanding that he has to return to his bedroom immediately after.

He uses Huggies GoodNites underpants at night, but we ran out and bought Pampers UnderJams because I had a coupon. Well UnderJams just don't cut it with Noah, and he was waking up soaking wet. Or, he was waking up and changing into a new one.

These "diapers" are not cheap, so finding out he was using two at night was irritating.

So he and Rich came up with a plan and tried it out last night. Noah didn't think he could wait for one of us to go get him out of his room if he called to us, so we decided we would try it with his door unlocked for a few nights. You can read here about why his door is locked.

I don't think he woke up during the middle of the night to go, but he did wake up very early this morning and went to the bathroom. Unfortunately for the rest of us he felt it was important that he come in to our bedroom to announce it to us. Which then woke up Kiel, who wouldn't go back to sleep.

So, back to the discussion in the car...

As we were talking about it and reinforcing the need for Noah to return to his bedroom without waking anyone else he pipes up with  this gem of wisdom -

"well, it's just, when I wake up in the morning, well, pee happens!"

And you know, he's right. My wise little boy.



  1. That's a funny story for sure! Too cute!!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Dude, pee totally does happen! I would want to announce it too!

  3. Yep, pee just happens when you least expect it. Best be prepared with the right diaper!