Monday, November 23, 2009

"Moe ee" or A, B, effing C

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My favorite time of day is when I get to put Kiel to bed.

There is no drama, no resistance. I ask if he's ready to go up and read stories and he says "yesh" with a big smile and up we go.

Then we snuggle in my bed and read stories. He has definite opinions about what he wants to hear each night and in what order they should be read. When the stories are done I ask if he's ready to turn out the light and again he says "yesh."

I turn off the light and he cuddles in; one of my arms under his head, one wrapped around him. And then I sing. I don't have the greatest voice, but both my boys love when I sing to them. With Noah I would make up silly songs that he would ask for again and again. With Kiel I've tended towards the lullaby variety.

Until a few weeks ago, when he started asking me for the ABC song. I'm not really sure how I figured out it was the ABC song he was asking for, because what it sounds like is "moe ee" while he does the sign for more.

Every night now it is "moe ee, moe ee." So I sing the ABC song. And then I sing it again. When I stop I hear "moe ee." If I try to sing something else he covers my mouth with his hand.

I wondered if it was the predictable tune that he liked, so I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (same tune, bet you just hummed a few bars didn't you!). Nope, immediate hand over my mouth followed by "moe ee."

I improvised a bit singing the ABC's to a different tune. Nope, hand over my mouth followed by "moe ee."

So I sing the ABC song over and over and over again. Every night. Until he falls asleep.

I'm beginning to hate that fucking ABC song.


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  1. Hehe! I hope to have moments like that in the future also. I think that putting my kids to bed is the greatest part of the day besides kissing them good morning. I hope to have kids like that also in the future who would want to hear my singing voice when other people don't want to...Hehe