Saturday, September 05, 2009

Blog improvements?


1.  So I've mentioned before that I added CommentLuv to MNT. I really like that it links to a commenter's last blog post, which makes it super easy for me to visit, especially if it is a new reader.  However, it seems to make the actual commenting more difficult and a bit confusing. What do you guys think? Too confusing? Frustrating? Keep it or ditch it?

**I deleted CommentLuv. Thanks for your input everyone. I do think it was just too much work to leave a comment using it. I know when I leave a comment somewhere I don't want to have to futz around, I just want to be able to write it. If any of you know any other application that makes it easier to pop on over to someones blog from their comment let me know!

And FYI I love to reply to comments via email, but if you haven't made that option available in your blogger profile an email address doesn't show up for me.

And B.  I added an option to sign up for email updates when I post a new blog entry. It's over there on the right sidebar, about mid-way down if you are interested! I promise your email address will not be abused!



  1. I like the CommentLuv - I don't think it is confusing at all!

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  2. I'm not really a fan of the new commenting thingy. I have to click to log in, and then click again to comment. And then half the time it doesn't actually post my comment and I end up having to re-comment.

  3. i'm finding it confusing... so far its kicked me off. and i'm not sure this is working...