Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can't make conversations like this up

Rich and I "graduated" from couples therapy tonight. In and out in 20 minutes tonight. Well not really, since he was 20 minutes late seeing us, so really, in and out in 40 minutes. Still had to pay our $20 copay, even though it is supposed to be a 45 minute session.

Have I mentioned Len before? You have to say Lehhnnn...with a bit of a nasal edge to it. He's our therapist. Well was. Like I said, today we graduated.

Lehhnnn's an OK guy. Nice enough. Rich liked him. I tolerated him because he made Rich comfortable and we were making progress.

Mostly he irritated me because he was always at least 15 minutes late seeing us. And he never got my sense of humor.  And when I mentioned phone sex once I swear the man blushed. Tonight I caught him doing the big eye roll at something I said. 

On our drive home I mentioned Lehhnn's eye roll and asked Rich if he saw it, which led to this conversation:

Me: OMG, did you see that eye roll when I made the comment about me not letting your brother kick you around?

Rich: huh? oh. no.

Me: oh yeah, it was huge! I've told you, he never got my sense of humor. At. All!

Rich: huh. a lot of people don't get your sense of humor.


Rich: there are a lot of eye's rolling when you are around

Me: huh


Me: but my blog friends think I'm funny!

Rich: well yeh, you do have a talent for comedic writing

Me: *glowing* wow, that's like one of the nicest things you have said to me in a long time. Thank you!

Rich: Yeah, you just aren't that funny in person. I'm the one with the live talent.

Me: huh

Me: but you think I'm funny, right?


Rich: yeah, most people don't understand you.


We start back in therapy next week.



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wish I could get shots like that of my son, too! It's always other people's kids . . .

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  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog and this post hit home because I've been to couples therapy. Not exactly fun stuff. That stinks that you have to go back right after graduating but this was a funny story! :)

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  3. Not sure if I should laugh or cry but sounds like you too know each other well!

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  4. Grace aka blackbeltSeptember 02, 2009 9:12 AM

    That is HI-larious!! I'm SURE I'd like you in person. I just found you because of your begging email about the giveaway ;-) I think I love you.

    I also read your profile about your first child. Please come visit my blog and look under "trauma." We need to meet for coffee!!

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