Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How a 6 year old understands death. Well, how my 6 year old does anyway.

Noah is understandably upset about Rhone's death, but he doesn't show it with tears like I do. He isn't even really talking about Rhone so much as he's talking about death. You can tell he's trying to understand it and place it in his world.

On the way to camp this morning he was saying (although I think it was as much a question as it was a statement) that when I die (me, not him) I won't be able to make another me, or another Kiel.

Then he talked about if he was 999 years old he wouldn't be alive anymore. And he was 536 years old would he be alive? So we talked about how long people can live.

Which led to him confirming how old Rich and I are. And then Bubby. Who he says is reallly old! Then he started with Kiel and worked his way up through himself, me, Rich, and Bubby as to who has the most time left.

And then he said he'd like to be a car so he won't die. So I told him that he's right, cars don't die because they aren't alive, but they do get old and stop working and then no one wants them.

So then he said he'd like to be a brick, because nothing is stronger than a brick.

And that's when we arrived at camp and I breathed a big sigh of relief.

How do you guys handle talking about death with your kids?


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  1. Oh my, I can't really think of a day when we AREN'T talking about death in some way. My girls are the second and third after a sister who died so it is their life, in a way.

    I have many posts at the url I plugged in above featuring conversations we've had. One of my favorites is the dining room table one. And, as time would have it I have a column coming out int he next issue of Exhale all about this.

    Just keep talking...that's all. His little mind will keep trying to figure it out as he is able to grasp more abstract concepts.

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