Sunday, June 29, 2008

Show and Tell

A year or so after I bought my first house I started looking for a piano. I always had a piano around growing up and started taking lessons from my grandmother when I was six year old. In my mind, a home wasn't complete without a piano.

Being a first time home owner, and just a year out of pharmacy school, I really couldn't afford much. So, I started checking out the want ads in the local paper. I found someone selling an old piano for $75. I called and went to check it out. It wasn't in great shape, but it had a nice sound and I felt it could be tuned up and cleaned up. It cost $200 to have it moved to my house.

When Amazing Daddy and I got engaged and I moved to Philadelphia to be with him the piano went in to storage until we bought our house. I was so happy when the moving trucks arrived with it (and all my other stuff too, it had been 16 months since it all went in storage). I was fortunate to have a little extra money at that time, and was able to get it tuned and restored a bit. In the process I found out a little more about it.

It turned out it is a Cable-Nelson piano. It was likely built in South Haven, MI in the early-ish 1900's. It's serial number is 104485 if I'm reading the faded handwriting correctly.

I don't have much time to play these days, and its been years since I took lessons, but I still feel like a home, my home anyway, isn't complete without a piano.
Sometimes I get the urge and I sit down and just play. Usually, when no one is around to hear, because I'm so out of practice. It makes me happy and it reminds me of my grandmother.


  1. Beautiful piano. My mom had my little sister take lessons for a while but when she refused to continue mom got rid of the piano. I never took lessons and while I love to listen to music I'm very rhythm challenged.

  2. That is a beautiful piano! My dad plays and it always warms my heart to hear someone pouring their soul into a piano.

  3. That looks like a beautiful instrument!