Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie Monday

Since I'm having so much fun playing with the videos I've taken recently, I thought I'd start something new on my blog - Movie Monday! Of course, there is always the chance this will be the only Monday this happens, but I might surprise ya'all.

I promise to do shorter ones next time! I realize not everyone likes watching my boys as much as I do. ;)


  1. SO cute!!!!!!!!! loved the videos. It does sounds like he is saying hey cat LOL

  2. yay! blueberries!
    he does have a lot to say.
    i love that little seat thing - they didn't have those back when my kids were little - you know - back when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
    hell he got out!!! holy crap!!
    this cant end well.
    what the hell - haha he just toppled all the way out.