Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tooth Fairy

The Boy asked us the other night if the Tooth Fairy was strong. Amazing Daddy and I looked at each other not quite sure where he was headed with this question.

So I said, "well, I think she's small...and since teeth are small, she doesn't need to be particularly strong to carry them."

TB wasn't really comfortable with this answer, so he came up to me and opened his mouth and started to push on his teeth. I thought he was thinking that the Tooth Fairy pulled the teeth from your mouth, so I quickly let him know that wasn't the case.

But that still wasn't what he was thinking..."See Mommy," he said, "my teeth are hard...the Tooth Fairy would have to be really strong to put them in here."

Ahhh...that's what he's thinking. That the Tooth Fairy puts teeth back in your mouth.

It's fascinating how kids minds work!

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