Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My husband is the absolute best Daddy!

The Boy's TSS (one-on-one helper) is sick today. Today is swim lessons at school, which TB loves, and has been super with. But the school won’t let him go without his TSS. I completely understand why, as you just never know with him when he’s going to lose his shit. But man, I almost cried when I found out they weren’t going to let him go this morning. So I called Amazing Daddy to tell him, and he was bummed out too.

Next thing I know AD is calling me from the school to say he’s there and he’s going to go with TB to swim lessons (including riding the school bus to and from) so he won’t miss out.

He really is the best! I think my man is getting lucky tonight!

* This is just one of many awesome things he’s done for TB and for me recently.

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  1. If that isn't love....I don't know what is. What a sweetie....actually what a daddy.