Thursday, May 17, 2007

No tongues were severed in the writing of this blog

In the last week or so The Boy has decided that sticking out his tongue is the four year old version of giving the middle finger. And I’m sure that’s only because he doesn’t know about giving the middle finger. So whenever we tell him something he doesn’t want to hear, or he’s in the middle of a temper tantrum, amongst all his other actions, out slides his adorable little tongue.

Frankly, I just ignore it. Of all the things he does, a little tongue sticking is pretty minor. However, they appear to find it somewhat more offensive at school. So yesterday, after being taken out into the hall by one of his teachers (Miss L), another teacher (Miss T) walked by and asked what was going on. Miss L told Miss T that TB was being very fresh to hear and was not being a nice friend. Miss T saw TB stick out his tongue so she told him that in her classroom she had a special pair of scissors just for that, and she could just go SNIP and take care of it for him.

Well, talk about freaking a kid out! Apparently TB lost it and expressed great remorse, and promised never to do it again.

Fast forward a couple hours to the annual bedtime for wild animals party, as we struggle to get TB to do anything even remotely related to assisting in his bedtime ritual, and once again, out slips that tongue of his. Well, Daddy now knowing about that special pair of scissors told TB that he was going to call Miss T and ask her to bring them over. So he got on the phone and did just that. Well, hysteria ensued. TB completely lost his shit. He begged and promised he would never do it again, just please, please call Miss T and tell her not to come. So, Daddy called Miss T again and told her TB promised he wouldn’t do it again.

Where was I during this exchange? Laughing hysterically as I listened from the living room. Yeah, I know…worlds worst mother here.

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