Thursday, May 03, 2007

genetic testing and level 1 ultrasound

12 weeks 2 days

My first full bladder ultrasound. Whoohooo. Smart me though didn't drink as much as they wanted me to and I was still fine. Yeah! Although I still almost peed myself when I sneezed. Reminder to self: start doing those damn Kegel's!

We met with the genetic specialist and managed to confuse the crap out of ourselves. But, ultimately we decided to do the NT and the sequential screen. Frankly, with the embryo of a 30 year old I'm not sure we really need to, but I'm hoping for peace of mind when it is all done.

Apparently the NT measured just fine, so we wait for the blood results in 3 to 5 business days. Based on that we will decide if we want to do an amnio.

Everything on the ultrasound looked fine. Quite an amazing alien baby I have growing in there. Although we saw some profile shots which were just stunning. I swear it looks like our son's profile. Amazing Daddy thinks I'm insane. He's probably right.

Any who....I feel pretty good about things right now.

Yesterday we met with the OB for the first time. I really liked her she was very positive and congratulatory. The nurse even called us kids when she left the room, which cracked me up since AD is going to be 50 on Saturday. Of course, this same nurse managed to alter my weight by 50 pounds on the chart. 50 pounds people! She made it look like I had LOST 50 pounds (which would be awesome) since my visit with the nurse two weeks ago. Despite the doctor making a comment that she thinks this nurse is on drugs, I think I like her!

But back to the doctor. We asked all our questions, mainly about my weight and my Zoloft use. She said not to worry about my weight and to just enjoy being pregnant. She agreed that if I don't gain much weight that would be fine, but I should just eat healthy and try to focus on high protein low carbs. As for the Zoloft she said it is the most studied SSRI in pregnancy and that is what they prefer their patients to be on if they need something. She didn't seem familiar with a study I did a poor job of trying to recall for her about newborns born with pulmonary hypertension (might have helped if I could have remembered that word!) in women taking Zoloft after 20 weeks. Anyway, I'll check out the articles again and then decide. I think ultimately it comes down to is it better to have a happy mother than a miserable one.

I did have confirmation today that I will need to have ultrasounds every other week between weeks 16 and 26 since I had a LEEP done several years ago. Apparently there is some risk of my cervix failing during that time. I asked what the treatment was if any of the US showed there was a problem and the doctor said either bed rest or they would sew it shut. You can imagine how happy Amazing Daddy was to hear that bed rest might be a possibility. Frankly, I'm just not all that concerned. I think the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

So, next OB appointment and next US in four weeks. I'm not sure if I can go that long without pictures!! Yikes.

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