Monday, October 02, 2006

IVF #2 - retrieval

Retrieval day today. Bakers dozen recovered.

I'm confused, and disappointed. I had 20 follicles on my last ultrasound Saturday morning.

Amazing Daddy said they had a difficult time getting to my one ovary. Not sure what that means, and he didn't ask I guess. And someone said, can't really remember if they told me, or they told him, that they didn't go after the small follicles. I guess that could account for the discrepancy. I want to know why they didn't go for them though.

I woke up during the procedure, it hurt! Not sure why I woke up. I'm pretty sure they put me right back under. Damn Versed, I can't remember anything.

So when I finally did wake up and asked how it went, the nurse anesthetist told me 13. I started to cry. That wasn't enough. She couldn't understand why I was so upset. No one could. Damn people. Am I the only one who understands this is a numbers game?

On the other necessary part of this equation...AD had no sperm in his sample from last night and this morning. Again. And no one even cares to know why. Fortunately, one of the samples that was frozen had some and they were motile when thawed, so the embryologist felt confident that she could find 13 sperm. I'm assuming since we haven't heard from them that they did. I guess we'll know more tomorrow.

So I'm home, and crampy, and I slept a few hours this afternoon. The cats are happy to have me in bed again.

Tomorrow I'll go to the library to stock up on books to read after the transfer. And the grocery store. I think chocolate will factor heavily on that grocery list.

Egg update tomorrow.


  1. Oy- I'm more freaked about the sperm than the eggs. How scary- I'm glad there was a frozen backup.

    As for the quantity- just keep repeating - quality, not quantity. Hopefully all 13 will fertilize and behave and you'll have plenty of great ones to choose from.

    Feel better.

  2. Oh, SK, I think 13 is pretty good! I had 7 last time! Remember that they only get eggs out of about 70% of the follies - and even then some may be "undercooked." So I think you're doing pretty good egg-wise. I only hope to be similar to you when I go to ER!

    The sperm stuff is scary. I am going to ask my RE if we can freeze a sample this time, because I am worried that my dh will suddenly have 0, since no one can tell us why his counts are so low to begin with.

    I hope your eggs are fertilized and happily dividing! Will keep checking in on you to see how things are going!