Sunday, July 02, 2006

More quotables from The Boy

The fascination starts early in our house.

Declared loudly while jumping on the guestroom bed, naked from the waste down: I have a penis! Hurray! Hurray! I have a penis!

Walking, or should I say waddling, in to our room naked, pelvis pushed forward, saying: I have a biiigggg penis Daddy!

I actually had no idea that a three year old got erections to this degree. And so often. The other day he took his pants and diaper off three times to show me his "biiiggg penis."

The Boy's relationship with Jesus Christ:

I suppose it's appropriate that all little Jewish boys know how to use JC's name appropriately. It appears TB is a quick learner...

While sitting on the bed with us one morning, TB got right in my husbands face and said: Jeeeesssussss Cccchhhhrrriiist Dddaaadddyyyyyy, I always love you!

And a few days later while driving home in the car during an impending storm, after Amazing Daddy had commented that he hoped they got home before the rain started so they didn't get wet: Oh gosh, oh jesus christ, it's raining...

I know I have other quotables I've been saving up...but damn if I can't remember them now.

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