Monday, May 15, 2006

The fight for Mothers day

So which Mom is supposed to get mothers day?

In my husbands family we have his mom, his SIL, his nephew's wife, and me.

MIL has had over 60 Mothers days of her own.

SIL has had over 30.

This is our nephews wife's first Mother's day, so in my mind she has first priority. I'm curious how it went for her since she had both her MIL (pushy Jewish mom, BTW) and her own mother to contend with.

And of course, me. This is my third Mothers day. And the sixth year I've had the joy of spending it with my own MIL.

So really, whose day is it?

It wasn't exactly mine, since I had to spend it with the MIL.

Some how his brother's family disappeared for the day. Amazing Daddy invited them over for dinner, but they never responded. Typical in their rudeness. But that's a topic for another day.

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