Thursday, March 09, 2006

Still MIA

What a stellar day Wednesday was.

First, the ovulation test was positive, so the countdown was officially going to start. Amazing Daddy had the Lupron at work and I notified the doctor.

Then Amazing Daddy dropped another sample off at the clinic to be tested. And yet again, those damn spermies are missing in action. And he acts surprised that we haven't been able to get pregnant???

Next step call the urologist to arrange for them to stick a needle in his balls to see if he has sperm but it's blocked. And if he does they'll just take it out and freeze it for our cycle. Well GDMF but they can't get us in until April 26. Don't they know they have a desperate profoundly infertile woman here! And I can only stay well preserved for so long!

I finally got a message through to Dr. Dick (the urologist) about what was going on so he wants SH to have yet another analysis (like they will just magically reappear???). Apparently they don't consider this a life threatening condition. Perhaps some old guy will kick it and we'll get his appointment. We can only hope.

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