Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mommy Guilt Sucks!

The guilt associated with being a Mom sucks. And husbands have the ability to magnify it ten fold. Don't they understand that we already feel guilty every time we don't do everything! Just by not doing something, or not being there, or god forbid - take time to ourselves, or get sick, we feel guilt. Any act of non-support from them just makes us feel worse.

Then, we feel even worse, because we know we shouldn't have to feel guilty. That we deserve some time/space/shopping/time to heal, etc.. So we feel guilty for feeling guilty. And mad and frustrated that our spouse isn't telling us to enjoy, relax, take some time, don't think of us, etc..

So we feel guilt, mix it up with a good dose of frustration and plain old "pissed off." And we might as well not have even tried, because now we feel even worse.

Guilt is like the dust bunny in the corner. It grows exponentially with time.

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