Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Picking up The boy

Today I had to leave work early to pick The Boy up from daycare. I had to pick him up earlier than usual because he has started expressing some agression (e.g., beating up) the other parents as they come to pick up their kids. I figured if I get their early enough I could sneak him out before any other parents see me.

To increase todays humiliation factor I couldn't get my car started when I was leaving work. I had the right key, I knew it was my car (no one elses car in the parking lot has petrified "fluffies" in the back seat), the key even fit, but the damn thing wouldn't turn. So I went back in side and let everyone laugh at me as the "men" told me to turn the steering wheel. Hasn't this ever happened to you before?? Well, duh, yeah...but I always managed to fix it without knowing what I did. Fine, I'm a dork...with a capital D.

The Boy will be 2 1/2 tomorrow. Not only is it his half birthday, it is also his 2nd "Gotcha Day." We adopted TB 2 years ago from Russia. Tomorrow is also the two-year anniversary of my grandmothers passing. A bitter sweet day.

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