Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update to "Neighbors - you can't live with them and you can't make them move. A three part series in why I wish we could move to the middle of nowhere so I didn't have to navigate difficult social interactions with other adults. Part 3." So technically I guess this is Part 4.

Less of an update and more of Part 4 in a 3 part series. Or maybe just another excuse for a really long title.

So no, I can't make my neighbors move. But it turns out I CAN! Or actually WE can!

If you read the update I wrote on Part 3 you will know that my plan to make peace with wall sharing neighbor didn't actually go as planned.

Instead I owe her a huge thank you because her judgmental bitchiness led to me doing some serious thinking. Serious thinking that resulted in me sitting Rich down and weighing the pros and cons of buying a single family house telling him it was time to move.  Fortunately for him he agreed with me and my emotional demands and we decided it was a good time for us to sell our townhouse and buy a real house with a nice size yard.

That was April 9. April 10th I spoke with a realtor. The next week we met with a staging company to get their take on  what was needed to get the townhouse ready to sell. April 27th we made an offer on a house on an acre of land. May 12th we listed our townhouse. And now we wait for it to sell.

We did a shit ton of work in the month between April 9th and May 12th. We put about 2/3 of our stuff in storage, had the entire house painted, and replaced all the carpet. We worked our butts off and it's pretty amazing how nice the place looks now. So different! So uncluttered and clean!

Just a couple pictures to remind me how great it looked after we move.

So...we've been on the market for two weeks and are still waiting for an offer. The waiting sucks. Keeping the house clean so it can show at any time sucks even more. Knowing the pay off is going to be so awesome though makes it all worth it.

We are all very excited about the new house. Hopefully all will go as planned and we will move in this summer. This place needs to sell first and we need to get through inspections on the new house. Hopefully there will not be any surprises because the new house is perfect for us. 

The only negative is that all my fears about the boys making friends this spring have been for naught. As I type this they both have friends over and are driving me crazy because OMG peoples they keep touching my newly painted walls and messing up my clean rooms! And they are so LOUD! So very, very LOUD!

Still, even though they are both making friends in the neighborhood they are excited to move to the new house and make new friends. Plus we will have lots of room to have play dates!

So if you wouldn't mind sending some positive house selling thoughts our way I'd appreciate it. A new start in a new place is going to be so very good for all of us. 


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