Tuesday, October 07, 2014

And the walls came tumbling down around us

 I wrote this a couple weeks ago but didn't have a chance to finish it at the time.
For the first time in many years we aren't living in constant crisis mode. There are still moments with Noah, sometimes even daily, but we are handling them better and we are seeing progress despite them. Noah is doing better right now than we have ever seen him. It's amazing. 
Now that Kiel is in first grade, both boys are home at the same time in the afternoon. That means less individual mom time for both of them. It also means more time for the two of them to be together. The boys are making more friends in the neighborhood now that Kiel has classmates living on the same block. There are other kids running in and out of the house after school and on the weekend. The door bell rings and someone is asking if Kiel and Noah can come out and play. It's pretty awesome and NORMAL and I love it.
Having some normal in our life is amazing and encouraging and well, kind of weird. It's sure is something I could get used to. 
You would think I would know better than to put something like this in writing. To admit to things going well. To write out loud that we aren't in crisis!

Hahaha. What nerve I had to write that. We aren't meant to live a normal life. How dare we not be in crisis the universe says.

Last Friday something happened and our life exploded again. Right now I feel like I'm living in a snow globe that someone is shaking the crap out of. The pieces inside have rearranged themselves. The person finally put it down, but left it on it's top, upside down. Everything I once knew has shifted and tumbled. 

As we are managing this crisis we realize that Kiel has become a victim of our family. I've spent the last several years educating people about trauma and how it affects Noah and his brain and yet I never considered how the chaos in our house was traumatizing Kiel. 

We don't have an official diagnosis but I believe as this crisis teases itself out Kiel will end up with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.

CPS is involved, which has always been one of my biggest fears. So far it hasn't been bad. Just a few phone calls and an appointment set up for Kiel to be interviewed next week. 

This part of the crisis I'm good at. I know how to get services and find therapists. While I'm making appointments and searching for resources I'm OK. When I'm updating providers I'm OK.

When I'm not doing those things I'm a mess. Any time to think and I'm obsessing about it. Forget going to sleep. Even with drugs the sleep is hard to find.

I knew that our time out from crisis wouldn't last forever.  Noah is maturing and going through puberty. He is almost a teenager. It is inevitable that something will happen with him in the next few years. I know that and while it will undoubtedly suck, we will be prepared.

This. This I was not prepared for. This has rocked my world in a completely different way. 

I know we will get Kiel through it, because that is what I do. I don't give up. I move mountains when I need to. It will take some time, but with a good therapist we will lay that trauma monster to rest and we will make the changes in our family that need to be made.

The guilt though is overwhelming, and it's amplified because another family is involved and I'm watching them fall apart in front of me. The fucked-upness of our family intersected with another family and the walls came tumbling down around us all. Even though it wasn't something I could ever have anticipated, the guilt I feel about it is more overwhelming than what I'm feeling for Kiel in some ways. 

It hurts too, because I let down my guard and started to get close to someone. Something that is very difficult for me. I doubt it will make it through this. Keeping to ourselves causes less pain to those around us, and to us. I won't forget that again.



  1. Damn! I had written this great comment, hit enter and it disappeared. I need to wake my own RAD boy soon, and now I have less time to post. I just found your blog and this is the first post that I have read. This post has many notes of the cacophony of my own life. I have 2 bio girls and a son who was diagnosed with RAD a little over a year and a half ago. I know that life with HIM has been hard for the girls. I am sure we will all emerge with PTSD. Anyway, I just want you to know you are not alone in this. And I hope you get moments of peace as you put things back together again.

  2. So sorry to hear of that there is another crisis for you all to cope with. I hope you move swiftly through this and see light up ahead. So sad to see you younger son become a victim of trauma. Praying for your strength.

  3. That sounds horrible I hope it doesn't become a law enforcement iusse

  4. Kristine - I keep checking back to see if things have resolved a little for you. I wish you peace and the comfort of good friends. Please don't "keep to yourselves". There are people who understand and will let you lean on them, cry, rant, whatever. I hope you have some in your life right now. You are not alone!

  5. I also keep checking back and hope you are ok and that things have calmed down. Good luck! You are not alone!