Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing in the Rain

My good friend Laurie reminded me recently how important it is to give our children memories of having fun. It really opened my eyes and mind when I heard that. Because of past behaviors and difficulties we have had in public, I hesitate to put us out there in public unless I know I can control both boys, and make a hasty exit if needed.

I'm trying to get us out there more and build those memories.

Today Kiel and I had one. We took Sera to the vet and when we left there it was raining. Kiel wanted to go to the playground.

M:  Dood, it's raining. You want to go and get wet?

K: (calling my bluff) Yes!

So we went and Kiel was in hog heaven.

He showed me how much faster the slides are when it is raining. And how if he ran really fast with his mouth open he could get a drink. And how walking the balance board lends itself to jumping off right into a mud puddle.

He ran around in circles with a huge smile on his face. It was awesome!

We were both thoroughly wet by the time we left. Wet and Happy!

 I wish I had my camera with me. Oh well, I will just have to remember it with words.


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