Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First vacuums, now knives?

Rich and I have been trading off staying home with Noah the past two weeks since camp is over and school starts this week.

One day last week Rich went upstairs to do something; he said he was only up there about ten minutes or so. He came downstairs and Noah was outside playing.

And then he noticed all the butter/table knives were missing from the utensil drawer.  We have slowly been losing spoons over the last year or so, but I recently solved that mystery when I saw Noah throw out his yogurt container with the spoon still in it.

But for butter knives to suddenly go missing? Well, that smelled of Noah, and the smell wasn't good.

Turns out Noah had them outside with him. We still don't know why. He doesn't know why. A little target practice perhaps? A "let's see how far I can throw this?"

Rich and Noah went on a knife hunt in the back yard and found most of them.

He didn't tell me until a couple days after it happened. I guess he didn't want to give me one more thing to worry about.

But seriously dude. I don't think that is something you try and pretend didn't happen.Yeah, it is one more thing for me to over analyze and worry about. But since I'm already worrying about so much, what is one more ? Think of it as adding a little more variety to my worries.



  1. ((((Katt)))) I'm sorry. And I understand. I wish I had more to offer, but right now, a hug seems to be all I've got.

  2. We have had the exact same spoon problem!!! Knives?? Not so much!

  3. no advice or ideas just a reminder that you are not alone.