Sunday, March 27, 2011

Updated worries

So help me Noah is going to school tomorrow if I have to sit next to him in the class room and poke him all day long to keep him awake.

He missed four more days of school last week. He made it on Monday, but then woke up with a fever again on Tuesday and was home the rest of the week.

I was trying to remember how many days he missed the week before, but that was two weeks ago peoples and I've slipped a few shots of tequila in my OJ tonight. I just know it was too freaking many.

We repeated his blood work last week and to my relief his white blood cell count was elevated, which is consistent with an infection and makes sense! And, even more of a relief his platelet count was normal! 

His WBC was probably low two weeks ago from a viral infection, and is elevated now because of a different infection. Just bad luck I guess. The platelet count though I can't figure out. If it was due to the Depakote I would expect it would still be low as his dose hasn't decreased that much yet. 

I think I'm going to ask for a repeat level in a couple weeks. Making Noah endure another needle stick is worth my peace of mind, right? Right?

I feel like I am in negotiations with Noah's psychiatrist to get him off the Depakote completely. I'm not sure I've gotten it across to him that I know that Noah needs to be on a mood stabilizer, but that I think Depakote is hurting him more than it is helping him. I need to know if he's in la la land so often because of the medication or because his brain is more messed up than I thought.

We have a phone consult scheduled for next Friday. I get to pay him $140 for a 20 minute phone call. That's a deal, right? Right?

So I'll be pushing the issue then. If he isn't in agreement I guess I need to start looking for a new psychiatrist. Maybe one that takes insurance?



  1. At least one that listens better. You do not need the extra stress of fighting with shrink. {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Really? Phone consult and robbing you blind. WTH. I would be looking for a new dr.

    Ibprofen - works wonderful. I would give the child the medication as he walks out the door.

    :) I've done it. Would do it again. And would do it tmw if my son told me he was sick and wasn't visable ill.

    Call me....anytime. Really.

  3. Oh good grief! That's an awfully expensive pdoc, especially given he won't honor your requests.