Thursday, June 10, 2010

Working through my social anxiety

For those of you who have been with me for a while, you won't be surprised to hear me admit to a bit of social anxiety. Or that it has held me back at times from doing things I wanted to do.
Well, those of you that know that part of me, can be proud of me, because in the last week I have attended two blogger events that required me to actually talk to people!

OK, I did take Rich and Kiel to the first one since it was at the Please Touch Museum, but that was kind of the point. I need to write about that later so I can include pictures. That was the first time it was kind of in my face that yes, I am now considered a member of the media/press. The visit to Please Touch was free and included some extra perks as well.

Tonight I went to an event hosted by Best Buy to introduce some of the Philly Social Media Moms to their corporate philosophy and tell us about some of the things they do for the community. We were also all invited to an event happening at the King of Prussia Best Buy on June 19, which I will tell you about later when I have more details.

Rich was so excited that I was going to a Best Buy sponsored blogging event (because Best Buy is one of his favorite stores) he actually programmed my GPS for me and called the restaurant to find out exactly where they were. When I got home to drop Noah off after karate and fluff my hair before I left, he met me at the door with the programmed GPS and the information about the restaurant.  It was so cute! And totally made my entire day! Little things like that make me feel cherished.

Tonight's event was at Seasons 52. They had some yummy appetizers and deserts for us. And of course wine or any other cocktails we would like. 

The best part was getting to reconnect with women that I've met a few times and that I'm starting to feel comfortable with. The gift card Best Buy gave each of us was an awesome bonus too!

I gave it to Rich when I got home as a "happy husband day" gift, just because I love him!



  1. Yay!!! Love that I've now met you twice in one week! So glad you came tonight. Tell your husband to buy something special for BOTH of you... on Saturday, 6/19. See you soon!

  2. I've never met you in person.... This must be remedied!!! I have a bit of social anxiety myself but throw in a glass of wine and it's on! Good for you.

  3. Katt that is awesome! I love how cute your husband was and what a great thing that you had his favorite store gift card to give him! SOunds like a bunch of cool outings. How cool does that Please Touch Museum sound? Have a great weekend gilr! xoxo