Sunday, December 14, 2008

Show and Tell - of the Christmas card variety and a question

Figured I'd show you the final version of our Christmas card for this weeks Show and Tell. As you can see I did finally get one good, usable picture for it. Yeah!

I finally printed off my address list tonight so I can start getting them ready to mail. But, I have a dilemma. I write a personal note in all of the cards I send out, close to 100 usually. Most years I do a little newsletter too, mostly funny stories of the past year with the kids and some pictures. (This year I didn't get to the newsletter, but considering I didn't send out cards at all last year I'm not going to stress about it.) But for the last several years the majority of the cards that I get don't include anything but a signature, and even that is becoming rare as people use more custom cards with their names printed on them already.
So, the dilemma. Does this mean I can stop writing the personal notes? Instead of taking several evenings to write my cards I can do it in about an hour. It would save me so much time, something I'm seriously lacking right now.

It feels so impersonal though. What do you guys think? Do you care if there is more than a signature? Does it make it extra special at all? Is it worth the extra work?



  1. I think it makes it special. I usually send one back to the person who bothered to include a note. lol

  2. I used to include notes. No one else ever does, but I know it makes other people happy to read the notes. Newsletters are a little less personal. But, the thing to remember, I think, is to do what you feel capable of giving.

  3. Adding that special personal note is a wonderful way to remind people why they are important in your life. Maybe you could split the difference and do so with those you're closer with and send a more general one to everyone else? Would that be playing favourites? I dunno. I'm sure you'll figure out the best way to tackle it.

  4. I do think its special. And, I do think its important. However, not on every single card (like the ones hubby takes to work).

  5. Personally, no. I don't care a t all. I would much prefer a picture of my friends anyway.

    Then again, I don't even do holiday cards anymore so I'm not really one to talk.

  6. Have to say I've converted to the world of pre-printed signitures!

    However - if I haven't spoken to that person for over six months...I usually jot a short note on the back.

    Hey - whatever you can do! I have really close friends that went to email only this year due to printing and postage costs...

    Recession and all (you know)

  7. I'm a fan of the written note. Christmas is becoming more and more impersonal enough as it is -- taking those extra few hours is worth it. Afterall, what is Christmas all about?

  8. Cute cards. I always like doing a written note even though I rarely know what to say. The last 2 years I've done the form letter and this year I really want to skip it all. Not sure what I'll do.

  9. Cards with signatures only are nice, convey the thought that you haven't been forgotten and now you have a little christmas picture to put on the mantel or to recycle next year into a craft of some sort.

    Cards with personal notes are wonderful, convey how you've been remembered and now you have a picture with some love all over the backside to display and to look over a few more times for a few more doses of warm fuzzies.

    They're both good. People understand receiving both types. But, there is a difference.

    It took me about 6 hours to write our 50 cards. I did them over three days so that I wasn't tempted to get into that repetitious scrawl. I felt better about sending them, about paying the postage to send them and about knowing how they'd be read over when they were recieved. :)

  10. You know, I know I'm way too late to be valuable in this conversation, but what can I say? I'm a reading slacker these days. BAD!

    I had the same dilemma, newletter or no newsletter? I really think this year will be the last year I do it because I let all those people know in my newsletter that there is this BLOG that I WRITE all the things my FAMILY does and if they really care to know, it's just a click away.

    So THERE.


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