Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kids at the movies

It's 9:15 pm and we are just home from date night. Oh boy do we lead an exciting life...

We saw the new Batman movie. It was good...intense. We both enjoyed ourselves. Then we went and had a few drinks before my boobs became so full and painful I begged to go home so I could pump. Oh yea, fun times.

But the real point of this post was my amazement at how many kids were there with their parents to see Batman. Young kids. Like under six.

Is it just me? Are my expectations out of whack? We would never let Noah see that movie. He would be freaked out for years! Even if he could handle the noise the content of the movie was way too intense and scary. Are other 5 year olds really able to handle it OK?

We saw one Dad there with three kids, all under five. One was probably around 18 months.

Maybe I'm just too protective.



  1. I think you are on the right track. Kids are so desensitized because they are exposed to that "crap" so early. I call it crap because it is poison to a little mind. I don't think kids should go to those kinds of movies until they fully understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

  2. I'm equal parts bothered by the subject matter and the time of night - sure 9:15 is early to us grown-ups, but if we don't start bedtime routines around 7:30-8pm (for the 4 y.o. - earlier for the 2 y.o.), heads are rolling!

  3. When we saw Iron Man there were two kids sitting next to me. Their Dad made them cover their eyes whenever something potentially frightening or provocative came on. Seriously, what's the point of taking them if they're not allowed to watch all the exciting bits?

    And Dark Knight is waaaay to dark for kids.

    It reminds me of when we saw Man On Fire at the drive in. People were driving out with their kids in the car during the first 15min of the film. That's an hour before the scene where the guy puts a bomb in another mans anus and blows him up. Like seriously, do these people not read movie reviews?

  4. I'm in agreement. Too mature.

  5. I think the PG13 rating is given for a reason. I might be willing to ignore it when they are 11 or so, depending on their personalities but I simply cannot see taking my 5yo to see Dark Knight. I only let him watch the original Star Wars trilogy a couple months ago. I'm not going to let him watch the second set for a couple more years yet.

  6. Ooh, I haven't seen it yet, but I heard it was awesome. I'd rather be a bit protective of what kids see (even though I don't have any yet). I was a school teacher and saw the effects of what movies and video games could do to children. I think you did the right thing ny not taking your little guy.