Sunday, November 18, 2007

And still waiting...

Sunday afternoon...five days late...ugh.

I feel OK, about the same as I have all week. I did lose my mucus plug during the night Thursday. I've continued with the "bloody show" since then. (OK, is that like the most horrible term? I still can't believe that is the official verbiage. More appropriate for a horror movie scrip I should think.)

I haven't felt much movement over the last 24 hours and it's been freaking me out. I keep using the Doppler to check the heartbeat, and he's galloping right along, so I'm trying not to worry. Of course as I write this I think I might be feeling a hiccup from him.

Apparently I'm in the worry like crazy phase...if it isn't worrying about not feeling movement I'm starting to freak myself out about all the "what ifs" during and after the birth. Less so the birth I think, as I'm trying to keep myself as open and flexible as possible. Of course I have what I'd like to happen, but if it doesn't work that way I know the ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby at the end. I'm freaking out more about what surprises could be in store for us when the baby is born. What if something is wrong. What if not getting an amnio was the wrong way to go. What if he has Downs syndrome...or a genetic disorder we aren't aware of from the donors. What if, what if, what if?????

Is all this worry right now normal? Or am i just a freak.


My parents arrive tonight. I'll be relieved when they get here. It will make life easier knowing we don't have to worry about getting the baby sitter here. Provided I don't go in to labor today or tonight, I go in to be induced tomorrow evening. That will give me the day with my parents which will be nice (I hope - typically the first day or two of a visit with them is fine). I need some help with furniture arrangement in the baby's room. I am insisting on keeping the guestroom bed in there and it is making things a bit tight. I have some shelves I'm hoping my dad will finish putting up for me and once I confirm where the book case is going I can put the books (which are in various piles all over the house) and other stuff on it.

My bags are packed for the hospital so I guess I'm basically ready. Other than the intense fear that I have no idea what I'm doing when I actually bring the baby home.


p.s. Feeling a bunch of baby movement right now. Yeah!

p.p.s. We did finally agree on a name. I'll probably post it for a few days after we bring him home, then delete to try and keep some anonymity to this blog.


  1. Are you going to one of those community maternity clinics that has 5 or 7 different doctors and you see I different one each time? My friend went to one of those in the community she gave birth in (she didn't really have a choice) and it was less than optimal..

  2. hang in'll be fine.
    can't say I know what you're going through, as far as the uncertainty goes.
    keep me posted.
    love ya!