Monday, October 22, 2007

Week 37 update

So I'm cruising along. Ultrasound last week indicated baby brother was 7 pounds 4 oz, with three'ish weeks to go. Let's hope for a good margin of error on that one, or I'm looking at a 9 plus pounder.

U/S also shows baby is finally head down. A week ago Friday at 35 1/2 weeks he was still breech and the doctor was scheduling me for an external version to turn him, or a scheduled c-section. I really do not want a c-section, but was also not thrilled about a version, considering the risks. I talked her in to giving me a week to try and do it on my own. I spent a significant amount of time over the weekend in a head down position with my ass pointed up. I also played music in my crotch and put ice on my fundus. On Sunday I was telling Amazing Daddy that I thought something had shifted because I was hungry (which I haven't been in a couple months) and even after I ate I wanted some more. I didn't really think he had turned though.

Well, Monday I had an U/S to see and I was pleasantly surprised to find out he was indeed head down. The perinatologist reconfirmed with another U/S on Friday. So, sounds like we are good to go.

From what I understand if the baby turns on his own it's a pretty good chance he will stay that way, unlike with a version.

Our doula (did I mention we are going to have a doula at the birth?) gave us some exercises and positions to help us ensure he stays head down.

So I guess I'm in the home stretch. I'm certainly feeling more uncomfortable by the day and finally I think I can say I'm ready for this to happen. The painting is almost finished in the nursery. I hope to finish tomorrow. Then the furniture is scheduled to come Friday afternoon. And then, finally, I can do what I've been waiting to do, and organize all the piles of stuff sitting around the house! Yeah! Maybe then I'll actually believe this is happening.

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