Monday, June 11, 2007

week 18 updates

As we sail through week 18 all continues to go well. Ultrasound pictures from week 17 above.

OB appointment last week was non-eventful. I actually lost four pounds since last month. My blood pressure was 110 / 70 and my cervix is tight and closed.

Another ultrasound this week to check my cervix. I think it's just an internal and won't include any real baby pictures. Level II ultrasound in two more weeks. Hopefully confirmation of the sex then. At last weeks ultrasound the tech said she thought it "might" be a boy, but not to tell anyone yet.

Yes, I'm a tiny bit disappointed. Mostly because for the last few weeks I've been thinking it is a girl and starting to look at girly stuff. The last girl born in my family or in Awesome Daddy's was me, so both sides have fingers crossed for a girl.

Obviously though, we will all be thrilled with a boy!

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  1. Glad to hear all is going well! I can understand your feelings about the boy/girl issue, but know that you will feel an incredible bond to this child once you know for sure, boy or girl!