Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Dilemma

So here I am, playing around with my blog settings and trying to see if anyone is visiting me. looks like a few of you have found me. Including....Amazing Daddy! Hi honey!!

Now it's no secret from him that I have a blog. I even asked if he wanted to read it when I first started it, but he told me no, he'd let me have my privacy. So, imagine when I look at my stats and see that an ISP from his place of work is a frequent visitor. Hmmm...Now, I wonder who that could be? So I call (since I happen to be at work myself) and ask him, wondering if he will lie. Fortunately for him, he's a bad liar, and I think he knows it. He says he looked because I told him not to. I don't actually remember telling him not to, but I do admit that I was writing with the thought he wasn't reading it.

So...The dilemma, do I care that he reads it? Do I edit my thoughts now knowing he is reading it? Or do I just consider it "reader beware" and figure if he doesn't like me talking about his penis he shouldn't look?

Any thoughts on this one ladies and gents?

1 comment:

  1. I don't care if my husband reads my blog but I am a closet blogger to the rest of the world. Only one person in real life besides my husband knows my blog site, and I like it that way so I can blog about whatever without feeling like I can't talk about what I want.