Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The things that keep me going!

If you are looking for the rolled canvas print giveaway it is here.
If you are looking for the Curious George:  A Very Monkey Christmas DVD giveaway it is here.

Pay particular attention to the last line.

Love Noah.
I love you Mommy your the!
best mommy i the!
wrld and dadd is the!
best daddy in the wrld!
and Kyel!! is the Best
little brudr and!! Thor
is the qyoot and best
is cidy! in the wrld and Stel is
the bestis dig city but
not when Stel pys and poops!

I love you Mommy you're the best mommy in the world and Dad is the best daddy in the world and Kiel is the best little brother and Thor is the cutest and best kitty in the world and Stel is the best big kitty but not when Stel pees and poops!



  1. Too Cute! That ones a keeper!

  2. Awww...That is so cute and so touching. The kid is so appreciative at a very young age. So cute. Thanks for sharing this.