Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I have secured the nomination!

Yes I have!

The nomination to the Mom of the Year club if you were wondering. *said with much sarcasm*

Imagine my surprise today when at 12:15pm my front door flew open and my six year old walked in.

My first thought was "fuck, I know I watched him get on the bus this morning."

My second thought was "fuck, he had a half day of school today didn't he."

And my third thought was "double fuck, there goes my nap with Kiel this afternoon."

And then my stomach hit my toes when I realized that I'm usually not home at this time on Tuesdays because Kiel and I run errands on Tuesdays after we go to Kindermusik class. Today however, Kindermusik was canceled so we went to an earlier Mommy and Me karate class and then did a quick run to the market next door. I'm coming down with the boys cold so I didn't feel like doing anything else. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

If I hadn't been home they would have made him get back on the bus and taken him back to school after all the other kids were dropped off. Can you imagine how that would feel to a kid? Knowing your own mom forgot you? I can.

Please don't call social services on me!



  1. You are so not alone! I brought my daughter to school on Columbus day and totally forgot she did not have school. First thought, shit what am I going to do with her for the rest of the afternoon now. I love your blog and writing you are terrific!

  2. Oh wow! I tell you I have almost forgotten to pick up my DD at school many times, have yet to actually "forgot completely" but it happens! ((HUGS))

  3. Fuck another year I won't be nominated. j/k don't be so hard on yourself with the what ifs, you WERE home and all is well, maybe you can still get that nap in

  4. I think being forgotten once is normal. To not get picked up from dance classes for hours is not normal but it happened to me often and I am alive and pretty well.

  5. Haha! No we won't call social services. I think it's quite normal when you are thinking a lot of things. You're a parent, but this doesn't mean that parents are perfect human beings.