Sunday, November 15, 2009

The post in which I admit to my age and talk about a pirates belly button.

Anyone here old enough to remember Dapper Dan and Dressy Bessy from the '70's? 
 I found this picture here!

Of course I'm not even close to being old enough to admit to having had one of the original Dressy Bessy's and loving her to near shreds. Oh no, I'm sure that was my much older cousin!

Anyway...Kiel's daycare teachers suggested we start working with him on zipping and buttoning, etc. because he was showing interest in dressing himself. My first thought was Dressy Bessy and Dapper Dan when they said this. I remember wondering if they were still around.

Well, it turns out they are in an updated version. It also turns out that they aren't the only doll in town to help teach your child to handle buttons and snaps and zippers.

Yesterday I told you about the great educational toys at and that they sent me the Dress Up Pirate Toy from Manhattan Toys.

He's very cute. I hate to admit it, but he's even cuter than Dapper Dan.

He has one shoe to tie and one shoe to zip. A button on his pocket, a snap on his shirt, and a hook and loop (Velcro) on his shoulder sash for his sword, which you can pull out and put back in it's holder.

He also has a cute parrot on his arm (that does nothing except look cute), an eye patch, and that big red hat, which Kiel really wanted to take off and put on his own head. Sadly for him, it doesn't come off.
But the best part? The very best part? Is that he has a BELLY BUTTON!
Kiel isn't much for dolls. He's all about trucks and trains and balls. I think its safe to say he won't be wearing this doll out the way I did my Dressy Bessy, but we have spent some time trying to button and snap. And he's great with the zipper! He still wants that hat off though.
Here he is giving it a one fist up!



  1. I was born in 1970 but i do not remember these dolls...we were very poor though so that may be why...

    cute dolls and thats awesome that growing tree has such great toys

  2. I remember those dolls, but didn't know their names!!

  3. OMG, I am SOOOO excited about this silly pirate. My son recently went to a friend's pirate themed birthday party. One of the party favors was a set of finger puppets (they were pirates of course). So...we have started to put them on his toes while he's in the bathtub and he cracks up over it. We also sing the song "Yo Ho Ho Ho A Pirate's Life For Me" from the Pirates ride at the Magic Kingdom.

    He's going to love this toy.