Thursday, November 05, 2009


I haven't written much on here about Rich's brother because I felt I needed to keep some boundaries when it came to his family. Not to mention I don't have a great track record with my own family, so I didn't think it was fair to complain about his.

But right now I am too fucking mad and upset to stay quiet.

Rich received this email from his brother this afternoon:

Still working out plans for Thanksgiving because Lin is still not feeling great. We will be keeping small this year. All we are going to do it the Turkey and everyone else will need to do the rest. I am going to ask you to make sure you bring stuff to occupy Noah so he is not running around. Will talk menu and Mom later. 

WTF am I supposed to say to this?

They lied to us about the Jewish holidays in September and told us that they were not doing dinner because Lin hurt her back. They even told Rich's mom this. Well, I know for a fact that they had eight people at their house for dinner that night.

Honestly, it's a relief to not have to go there. We only go because of Rich's mom and how important family is to her.

What is upsetting to me is that we have told them about everything we are going through with Noah and just like my parents they think all Noah needs is a good spanking.

I have no idea where to go with this right now.



  1. you can come to my house in alaska. you don't have to bring anything either. i have toys and with two boys running around, it is pretty loud. and we can always send them outside to hunt for moose poop if necessary.

    sorry about the assholes. this sucks.

  2. That's pretty shocking. I don't want to judge him, but I totally understand how you feel. Maybe talking to him will make things better. After all, he is still your brother-in-law.

  3. Oh, what to say to that. Some people have a lot of nerves and no tact. I am taking that they do not have children, nor do they know that children are not meant to sit quietly in a chair and not move for hours. If they don't have any children, you should wish that they are blessed with triplets very soon. Wouldn't that be too funny? I say let them do the turkey and have it all to themselves and invite the MIL over to your house for a family dinner, before they have the chance to ask her. lol

  4. sleep on it.

    sorry - family drama SUCKS.


  5. Giving up on your family is hard.

    But often justified. Give it up.

  6. Some people just don't get it! We are struggling with a relatively new sensory diagnosis with our two-year-old and its is so frustrating when someone (even my own husband!) says all he needs is some discipline...when you are living it, you know there is more to it. Send you prayers and bloggy support!

  7. I don't know what to say. My inlaws are major pain in the butt too. We aren't doing thanksgiving with either sides of the family that way I don't have to deal with anything.

  8. Ugh -not too optimistic on the upcoming holidays with "the other" side of the family (esp how they all know better how you should deal with your kids) Crazy........

    Good luck / hugs!!