Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just a Saturday afternoon.

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Rich took Noah to the Temple football game this afternoon so Kiel and I are just hanging out together.

I love that Rich and Noah are able to go do things like this together. Finally! There is no guarantee Noah will be able to sit through it all, but the chances are good. And Noah is a lot of fun to be with now, when his temper isn't flashing anyway.

I love having alone time with Kiel. He's just so easy. We hang out and watch Sesame Street, or play with his cars. He's great playing by himself and just checking in every once in a while so I can get some stuff done. So different from my time with Noah at this age.

Today we spent some time playing with the Little People farm my parents sent him. (Yes, they sent him a birthday present. Just a box addressed to him. No card, no call. But at least they didn't ignore it, not that I really thought they would, but still.)

Yeah presents!

It's a farm dude!

Hold on while I rescue the horse!


Never forget the joy of the box!

Am I a spaceman or a robot?

Out of my way!

Whoa....someone slow this box down!

And now it is nap time! And that is most definitely the best time of the day!



  1. My daughter loves boxes too! He is adorable!!

  2. How fun! He looks like he enjoyed the box as much as the farm, love it!