Monday, November 02, 2009

One last Halloween story

We were encouraged to go to karate class in costume on Saturday. We were promised a "valuable" prize for the best costume.

Being new and all I didn't want to be a party pooper and be the only one to show up without a costume.

So I thought and thought, and looked at all kinds of Halloween costume sites on line and found the perfect costume.  A costume that I could make myself and was the perfect combination of easy, cheap, required you to think a bit to "get it", was definitely on the verge of geeky, and was also one that I could still work out in.

And off I went to class with sponges safety pinned to my t-shirt.

Anyone know what I was? That didn't read it on Twitter?

Well, no one at karate could figure it out either.

And yes, I was the ONLY one there in costume.

I was also the only woman there in a class of about ten advanced belts that take their work out pretty seriously.

If you are picturing a short, round woman dressed in black except for the colorful sponges attached to her and the yellow belt tied around her ample middle, you have it pictured correctly.

Despite my embarrassment I made them guess what I was. I even gave some very good hints ("it's a play on words," "some might say it's a reflection of my character," "it has to do with what sponges do"). And still, no one figured it out, although there were some good guesses ("a suck up!", "your mind is like a sponge sucking up knowledge," "a dish washer") and some not so flattering ("Sponge Bob," "your body is like a sponge" from the you must not be married if you would say something like that to a woman dumbass biggest guy in the room, which is the only reason I let him get away with it, because like dude, I know karate!).

So if YOU didn't get it yet....

I was....

wait for it....

wait for it....


I know, I crack myself up too.


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