Sunday, October 05, 2008

Show and Tell of the "when will he move it" variety

Remember this post? Where I stupidly told Rich he could go buy a 50 inch flat screen TV if he could get the store to match an ad that Sears had priced incorrectly? Yup, that one. The one we are still paying off? Cause I'm such an awesome wife?'s a nice TV. Great picture blah blah blah. There is only one problem. Well, actually two.

One - Rich likes to watch it now, instead of going in to his man cave in the basement and watching the 50 incher down there. So now I have to put up with all his manly TV watching habits. Way too much togetherness if you ask me.

But, the more annoying problem is, as you can see in the picture above, the old TV is STILL sitting in our family room. It's a heavy sucker, and the two of us really can't move it ourselves if it has to be lifted very high. Cause frankly I'm a girl, and he's a bit of a wimp. Strong in intelligence! and humour! Not so strong in muscles. (Sorry sweetie.)

Rich wants to put it up in our bedroom. He says he measured and it will fit into the cabinet we have up there. I'd measure myself except that all three of my tape measures seem to have disappeared thanks to Noah's new obsession with measuring things. Guess I could go buy another one, but it's much more fun to bitch about it. Believe me, if we do get it up there someday and it doesn't fit, I will say "I told you so."

I've offered to have a couple of my boyfriends come over and move it for us, but when I bring it up Rich just looks at me funny. Kind of like he thinks it's not OK for me to have boyfriends. Selfish man...wanting me all to himself.

So yeah, I'm pretty sick of the damn thing sitting here. Oh, did I mention it has been sitting here since May 27th? Which is...wait...hold on...let's see. Hmm....131 days. Yes, 131 days!!!! That's more days than there is until Christmas!

So I told Rich that I'm cutting him off until he figures out how to get it the fuck out of my family room. Drastic? Yes, probably. But necessary.



  1. I think you should have your "friends" come move it....and take a picture when they do. Not of your friends, but of Rich....

    Good luck I hope you move it however you can really. And I so want a 50 incher...even more expensive here in Cairo though, I'll have to wait.

  2. oh, that is TOTALLY like my house! You should see the "project" hubby started in our basement over a year ago ... that is still taking up 1/2 my basement. :(

  3. Look in to buying a box of "Moving Men Feet." These are plastic discs that you slide under furniture. You can move a bookcase full of books with one hand pushing it.

    Won't work to get it up to your bedroom, but you could move it out of your family room at least.

  4. This reminds me of the blog dedicated to house photos people post online to try to sell their house. There often are double TV's in it.. I remember people speculating whether it was because one broke but is still used as a TV stand or perhaps more logically so that you can check what is on channel 6 while watching channel 8.

    I think your reason is more likely - the person who should move it hasn't, and why should the other person who didn't create the problem in the first place:)

  5. Hehehe...except for the fact that my "its STILL here" stuff isn't in the living room, I could top that. I have stuff on the back corner of my patio out back that needs to go to the dump. Its been there since we moved in over 2 yrs ago because with my hubby if its out of sight, its out of mind.x

  6. Hillarious. Men, they want it...need it...gotta have it now. Now, if it has been a pre-requisite to MOVE the small tv before putting in the BIG one...I bet he would have done it!

    And, BTW - not drastic. We gotta use what we are gifted with, right?

  7. From a mans perspective - i think its time to move house and leave it for the new owners.

    Problem solved!!!

  8. I am such a non-awesome wife that I have forbidden the purchase of any TVs until the current one breaks. Sure, the big HD TVs look fantastic. But I spent several thousand dollars on a cabinet for our original TV and I don't want to render it obsolete. Plus, we have more pressing demands on our finances right now, like IVF!

  9. Catching up in Google Reader today. That's funny. 131 days. When we bought our big screen it sat ON TOP of the old entertainment center to keep it away form the fingers of TOF. Well the old tv was still in there. It was quite the sight. When we bought the new tv stand, I had my son pick it up for us and as "payment" I insisted he take the old tv and entertainment center with him. Hope you find a solution soon.