Monday, October 06, 2008

Rocking Kindergarten

Now that we are a month in to school I thought I would update you on how Noah is doing in kindergarten.

Well, he is rocking it!

We are so lucky that he has landed in an amazing class with an amazing teacher. Six kids, one teacher and two aids.

Every day he comes home with something new that he has learned. It's regular kindergarten on steroids. He learns the regular curriculum along with social skills.

He loves it, and he loves his after school program.

We did finally get approval for his TSS for ten hours during the after school program. We are having some problems getting the hours staffed now and are in the process of trying to switch agencies to one that is local that can give us better coverage. Mostly though he's been OK and not needed any intervention in the after school program.

So, yeah for Noah! And yeah for good behavior!

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  1. Go Noah! So happy he is "rocking" school!

  2. Whoooo hoooo! Go Noah, Go Noah!

    Mama, I know this is filling you with the happy. It's time to break out a celebratory bottle of wine. Invite me over.

  3. So glad he's digging school. What a difference that makes, eh?