Monday, October 13, 2008

The P.U. chronicles

Figure I'd update you on the parental unit drama.

I have not heard from my parents since the end of August. The last time I spoke with them was to let them know we arrived home OK.

Last week I sent them the link to the pictures we had taken of the boys. I figured that was a non confrontational way to make first contact.

It's been a week. And nothing! Nada!

I'm not sure if I'm more hurt or more angry.

It will be very interesting to see if they come for Kiels birthday, which is in just over a month. Shit, at this point it will be interesting to see if I even hear from them.


  1. God, I can't imagine what you are dealing with. I hope for your sake that they come around.

  2. Our relationship with my husbands family has been rocky for over a decade. With both my boys, the boys were a year old or older when they met them. It can be 6 months before we hear from them.

    It's not an easy life, but honestly with our problems with them, it's better for us. My DH is a better person without them in his life on a day to day basis.

    It still stinks, and for your sake, I hope they get the sticks out of their rears. (((hug)))

  3. You have such a gorgeous family. Regardless of how this situation turns out YOU are doing such a great job raising the generation that matters, the next one!

    Hope for the best.

  4. Oh you'll hear from them, it just may take some time.
    I can't believe that haven't even responded about the pics though. I sometimes don't understand the grandparents that don't seem to want a part of it.

    In other news - Are you freakin kidding me??!! He has not moved the damn TV yet????

  5. I'm often flabbergasted at the lack of interest my family has in myself or my children.
    You aren't alone.

    Here's hoping you hear from them soon.